Life is in motion, and so are you.

Life is in motion, and you are an important part of it. It can be overwhelming when everything seems to stand still, and you have no more energy. You feel tired and wonder how you can regain balance.

A tense body, stress, anxious thoughts, and the pressure can become too much for you. The sleepless nights, burdened with thoughts that just won't stop, don't make it any easier.

Welcome to Balanskompass, I am Veronica Kroon, an Integrative counselor, and I support you in finding your balance, so you can energetically enjoy the things that are important to you.

Through counseling in an integrative manner tailored to you and your specific situation, I guide you towards deep and lasting change. You become aware of what you need, your direction (compass) to find your energy and balance.

Together, we embark on a brief journey of about 6 sessions, so you can feel energized again and enjoy life. I understand that finding time to work on yourself can be difficult, but it's important for you. With peace and confidence, I am here to support.

Then the question arises: can a brief journey really make a difference, especially when you've been dealing with your issue for a while? This can be achieved by focusing on the core of the issue, creating awareness, gaining insights, and with support, you can address, resolve, and do what's necessary to feel good again.

What I often encounter in my practice:

  • anxiety
  • sadness
  • insecurity
  • perfectionism and fear of failure
  • stress and responsibilities
  • feeling of loneliness
  • overthinking
  • shame, quilt
  • lack of energie, fatique
  • difficult-to-proces setbacks, events

The right time to relax is when you don't have time for it.

Brief journey:
In about 6 sessions on average, your thoughts and feelings, as well as what's happening in your life, take center stage. Together, we will work on solutions for the challenges you face in your daily life. The session's content will be tailored to your specific situation. The goal of our collaboration is your autonomy, so you'll know how to proceed on your own.

We'll start with an initial intake session, which can be conducted online or in person at my practice. After the intake session, you decide whether to start the journey. It's important that you have confidence in the journey and our collaboration. This intake is free of charge if the collaboration doesn't continue. Otherwise, it's considered the first session. Sessions last for 60 minutes.

Feeling pressure, stress, and lacking energy? Would you like to enjoy everything in your life with energy and balance? Contact me for more information or to determine if you can start in the near future.



Do you want to preserve your precious energy and balance for what truly matters to you, and are you looking for professional guidance? Seize the opportunity now and discover the Energy and Balance Workshop in the “Contact” section.